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How to Setup Hotmail Account in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook functions with a broad category of email accounts, including POP3, IMAP, and Exchange accounts. But, POP3 and IMAP account only sync email, not your calendar and contacts like Exchange does. However, Hotmail Connector lets you sync your email, contacts, and calendar with Outlook. This how your PIM data is accessible from everywhere. 


Steps to Setup Hotmail Account in Outlook: -


  1. Install the Outlook Hotmail connector. Keep the Outlook closed during installation


  1. Setup Hotmail account into your new account in Outlook before you install Hotmail Connector


  1. After adding the account details. Pop up shows the setup to Click Next for proceeding setup. Then select Yes and click Next again.


  1. If your account has been already created in Outlook then you can create a new account by clicking File and Add account.


  1. Enter your Hotmail account information, and click Next.


  1. After that, Outlook searches for your account settings and automatically set up your account with the Hotmail connector which was previously installed.


  1. After that, click Finish to complete the setup and check out your Hotmail. Microsoft Outlook Support Number 1-888-964-8356.


  1. Welcome to your Hotmail account in Outlook 2010.


  1. Now your email will sync with your Hotmail account, and also the Outlook calendar and contacts will be synced with Live calendar and contacts.


It has been popularly known to many that outlook works great with Hotmail. It is the easiest way of syncing that helps people to access Hotmail because they let you work with other application software too, whereas other mail accounts don't.


But it is obvious with so many complications in setting up the Hotmail account in Outlook you may require technical assistance to clear your doubt or helping you out through any technical glitches occurring during your implementation of Hotmail Outlook account. The Outlook Customer service will provide you 27X7 technical assistance from trained and experienced staff that will guide you in solving the issues related to the Outlook. Call Now the MS Outlook Customer Service number for help.


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How to Reduce Common Issues in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is currently one of the popular email applications, which can be availed as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. There are some significant features like calendar, contact manager, reminder, browser, etc., available within it. One can find numerous editions of Outlook; each one of these is equally enhanced regarding feature. It is possible to bring Outlook in synch with the desktops as well as the smart phones.

However, it has been seen on some occasions that people get confused about certain features while using. Also, the technical errors are also quite obvious like every other man made thing. Upon coming across with any such issue, the best recommendation can be to connect with the Microsoft Support Number 1-888-964-8356. They can thoroughly solve all these issues. Prime reasons making Microsoft Outlook so much popular around the globe are:


Why User Needs Microsoft Outlook Technical Support?


  • It provides the most user-friendly interface that can be used by any level user.
  • Regularly updated features and services.
  • Its performance is much enhanced in comparison to other contemporaries.

As explained above, despite the whole range of advanced features and user-friendly characteristics, coming across with technical issues is quite inevitable. Making a call on Outlook Support Phone Number 1-888-964-8356. can be the one-stop solution for all these issues. Irrespective of the edition one uses, our support team assures about the best solution in the nominal period.


Problems Faced by Business Groups


Microsoft Outlook’s user base is comprised of a great number of business groups. There are many features of it those meet the requirements of the business groups very well. But, it is obvious for someone to get stuck with certain issues; no matter how tech-savvy he/she is. No need to worry or hesitate in such occasions; a simple contact through our Microsoft Outlook Support number can make your job done in no time. We have the perfect solution for a whole range of your issues.


The Commonly Found Issues


Among the frequently found issues with Microsoft Outlook are, freezing, lazy functioning, hindrances while dealing with profiles, initiation issues, etc. Being on a working front the issues of such can indeed be irritating. The immediate thing one should do in such occasion is to contact our Microsoft Outlook Customer Service team. The immediate solution is assured irrespective of the above issues.


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